Alanya is located in the Antalya-region at the south of Turkey and is one of the most popular and loved holiday destinations at the Turkish Riviera. Its beautiful landscape, captivating historical sights and modern city life, makes it one of the best places at the Mediterranean coast. The warm climate makes Alanya a year-round destination, a place you can enjoy all months of the year.

Alanya Turkey - Residence for sale Alanya Turkey - Residence for sale

Alanya has two beautiful sandy beaches for you to enjoy the sun, the Kleopatra beach and the Keykubat beach, divided by Alanyas old town and the famous castle. The beaches are safe and family friendly, and have all conveniences like cafés and showers. You can also find activities like jetski, parasailing and volleyball. Along the beach there is a beautiful promenade perfect for sunset walks with fantastic views of the castle and the Mediterranean, and also lovely small parks for sitting.

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Alanya has a well developed agriculture, and is especially known for its banana plantations, and colourful orange and lemon gardens. Because of Alanyas climate you can find an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables all year.

Alanya has a large variety of Turkish and International restaurants, cozy coffee shops and pasteries with oriental sweets. The centre of Alanya and the harbour offers a lively nightlife with both intimate bars with live music, and larger nightclubs and discos.

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The city has a lot to offer for those who prefer a sporty lifestyle, here you can find sports facilities such as indoor and outdoor gyms, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. There is also many nice areas for bicycle tours or hiking.With fun and action filled activities such as rafting, paragliding, diving, jeep safaris, horse riding, go cart and water sports, you will never get bored in Alanya.

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For an insight in Alanyas and Turkeys long and interesting history and culture, there are many places to visit like the castle – the symbol of Alanya, the red tower and the museum. Outside of the city there are several idyllic villages and peaceful green areas, as the beautiful Dim valley with its famous river and cave. Alanya has something for everyone!


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average (°C) 9.9 10.4 12.7 16.2 20.5 25.4 28.4 28.2 24.8 20.0 14.9 11.4
High (°C) 14.9 15.5 18.0 21.3 25.5 30.9 34.2 34.2 31.2 26.6 21.1 16.6
Low (°C) 6.0 6.2 8.0 11.2 15.0 19.6 22.7 22.7 19.3 15.2 10.6 7.5